Equestrian Horseshoe Wide Liquor Decanter - Edwina Alexis

Equestrian Horseshoe Wide Liquor Decanter

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The luxury, detailed pewter medallion embellishing our Equestrian Medallion Barware Collection takes inspiration from an antique wax seal designed for the most historic polo club in the United States. Located in Old Westbury, New York, the Meadowbrook Polo Club used the seal on all important correspondence and records from the time of the clubs founding in 1877 until the turn of the century. 

Our barware is crafted in the finest materials, heavy Italian glass, stainless steel and of course, the highest quality pewter. 
Our Equestrian Barware Collection is dishwasher safe. We recommend that you wash on the lowest heat setting and use only liquid detergent. 

Size: 10.5"T / 26 Ounces
Care: Hand wash recommend - if placing in the dishwasher use low heat and non acidic detergent