About Edwina Alexis

Person - About Edwina Alexis

Award-winning Houston designer Edwina Vidosh asks her clients a very important question at the inception of their design consultation: “How do you want your home to feel?”

She has made it her mission to help her clients identify and define their style so she can personalize each room to meet their unique needs. “It’s easy to make a space beautiful,” she explained, “but it’s much more interesting for each space to exude the client’s warmth and personality.”

With a degree in Interior Design from Texas Christian University and 30 years of experience, Edwina has mastered the ability to individualize each room in a client’s home to perfectly reflect their character and energy.

“Every house should be an individual’s haven,” she said. “I like to layer rooms, especially bedrooms, which should be personalized. By combining interesting textures and colors, I create rooms with an inviting feel.”

Edwina’s elegant, yet comfortable designs often extend the boundaries of the house to include outdoor living areas. The splendor of nature inspires Edwina’s design plans, which typically include the spaces outside the walls and windows of her clients’ homes. Her beautiful interiors flow seamlessly into the outdoor living areas, creating lush environments. “I intertwine the inside with the outside,” said Edwina. “Inspired by nature and its balance of neutrals and a splash of color. It tricks the eye to extend outward and enjoy the beauty by bringing the outdoors in.”

After spending the majority of her childhood riding horses, Edwina has branched out to designing stables. This is an exciting design journey for Edwina. Her love for all animals, especially horses, has made this work enormously fulfilling. Much like the relationship between a horse and its rider, interior design, takes knowledge, discipline, and trust for a perfectly balanced outcome.

Edwina’s unique approach to design has earned the seventh-generation Texan numerous accolades including glowing reviews in national and local publications. While recognition for her work is appreciated, Edwina’s reward comes from her satisfied clients. “I love it when, at the end of a project, my clients find their rooms to be beautiful, elegant and fitting for their lifestyles. I know then that my designs were successful and I’ve transformed a benign space into a place of tranquility and/or a house into a home.”